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Australia: Pandavas stored ‘Astras’ in Australia (Astralaya): Ex-SC Judge Markandey Katju’s theory behind India’s loss

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In the aftermath of India’s defeat in the Cricket World Cup final against Australia, former Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju has presented a peculiar perspective about India’s shocking defeat. Justice Katju gave a unique theory behind India’s loss in his post on X (formerly Twitter). According to him, Australia’s victory is attributed to its historical connection as the storage center of the Pandavas‘ ‘Astras,’ referred to as ‘Astralaya.’

“Australia was the storage centre of the ‘Astras’ of Pandavas. It was called ‘Astralaya.’ This is the real reason why they won the World Cup,” Justice Katju said in his post. The post has gone viral on social media.

Without providing any supporting evidence or context for his unconventional theory, Justice Katju left the internet amused. Social media users responded with a mix of amusement and skepticism, with one user commenting, “Thank u sir… It’s been a while since u honoured us with your humour.”

While Justice Katju’s views are known for their outspoken nature and unconventional stance, the lack of substantiation for this particular claim has added an extra layer of intrigue.

“Dubai was made by Mr Dubey, Egypt (Misr in Hindi) by Mr Mishra, Israel was created by Yadavs, Bahrain by Lord Brahma, and Saudi Arabia by Goddess Saraswati,” remarked another user.Justice Katju was also the former chairman of the Press Council of India. Post retirement as a Supreme Court Judge in September 2011, he continues to be a prominent figure known for expressing unorthodox opinions.India lost second final against Australia within five months, following the World Test Championship decider in June. India, having previously clinched the one-day World Cup in 1983 and 2011, faced setbacks in the semi-final stages in 2015 and 2019. The recent loss has sparked widespread discussions and reflections on the team’s performance and future prospects.

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