Thursday, November 30, 2023

Domestic air traffic again touch a record high; airlines carried 4,59,526 passengers on Nov 20

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For the third straight day, the country’s domestic air traffic touched a new peak on Monday as airlines carried 4,59,526 passengers.

With the traffic numbers touching a fresh single-day record on Monday (November 20), the civil aviation ministry said that post-Covid, India’s domestic aviation turnaround story has not just been overwhelming but inspiring as well.”Positive attitude, progressive policies, and deep trust among passengers are taking it to new heights with every flight, every day,” the ministry said in a post on X.

On November 20 (Monday), there were 4,59,526 passengers and the total flight movements stood at 5,958, as per the latest official data.

The count of domestic air passengers was at 3,94,07 and the number of flight movements was 5,468 on November 20, 2022.Sharing a graphic of the figures, the ministry said, “India’s domestic aviation touching new skies, daily”.

Civil aviation minister Jyotiraditya Scindia on Tuesday said, “Another day, another record!”.

In a post on X, he also said it is a hat trick as domestic air passenger traffic breaks the record three times in a row.

While the traffic was at a fresh high of 4,56,748 on November 18 (Saturday), it reached a new peak of 4,56,910 on November 19 (Sunday). It again touched a record of 4,59,526 on November 20 (Monday).

India is one of the fastest-growing civil aviation markets in the world and domestic air passenger traffic registered an annual growth of nearly 11 per cent to 1.26 crore in October.


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