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ram temple throne: Ram Lalla in Ayodhya’s Ram Temple to sit on 8-feet tall gold-plated marble throne

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Ram Temple in Ayodhya to have an eight-foot-tall gold-plated marble throne for Ram Lalla‘s idol, which is currently being crafted by artisans in Rajasthan. As per a TOI report, the throne is set to arrive in Ayodhya by December 15, as confirmed by Anil Mishra, member of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust. The sanctum sanctorum of the Ram Temple will be the designated spot for this magnificent throne. Mishra mentioned that the dimensions of the throne are eight feet in height, three feet in length, and four feet in width. Additionally, Mishra revealed that devotees of Lord Ram have generously donated a substantial amount of gold and silver items, including coins and bricks, both before and after the formation of the Trust. However, due to security concerns, the donated items will be melted down into a solid block under the supervision of a reputable organization. Mishra emphasized that this measure ensures the safety of the valuable contributions.

In preparation for the grand consecration ceremony, the construction work of the Ram Temple has been expedited. The number of workers has been increased to meet the project’s requirements. Mishra stressed that the ground floor of the temple must be completed by December 15, regardless of any circumstances. He also shared progress updates, stating that the first floor is 80% complete, the sanctum sanctorum construction has been finished, and the flooring work on the Parikrama Marg is done. Currently, the focus is on laying marble on the floor of the Griha Mandap and other areas, including the stairs.

Furthermore, Mishra provided details on the ongoing construction work. He informed that the roofing work on all three floors of the passenger convenience center has been completed, and safety gadgets are being installed. The entrance gate of the Ram Mandir’s outer wall (parkota) is in its final stages and will be finished by the end of November. Moreover, seventeen out of the total nineteen pillars on the first floor have been installed, and it is anticipated that the first floor will also have a roof by December 15.

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