Sunday, December 10, 2023

Wanted: a new global business writer

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The Economist is looking to hire a global business writer, ideally based at first in London. The writer will be expected to provide thematic features that range across industries and geographies. Examples of recent thematic coverage are below. The job includes writing leaders and appearing on podcasts, films and at Economist events.

Journalistic experience is not necessary. The ability to write clearly and entertainingly is crucial, as are strong analytical skills, a high degree of financial numeracy and an ability to work with data.

To apply, please send a CV and a sample article, suitable for publication in The Economist, to: [email protected]. It should be unpublished and no longer than 700 words. The deadline is February 25th.

Example coverage

Why businesses are furiously hiring even as a downturn looms
Multinational firms are finding it hard to let go of China
What big tech and buy-out barons have in common with GE
A sleuth’s guide to the coming wave of corporate fraud
What went wrong with Snap, Netflix and Uber?

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